About O’D

Welcome to my website. I am O’D O’Donnell, a Las Vegas based photographer. Here you will find some samples of my work, the answers to some questions you may have, and if I actually follow through, there may even be occasional blog posts. Below is a little about who I am and how I arrived at this place in my life.  I should probably note that Facebook forced me to change my page name to Terence O’Donnell, the name that I was given at birth and stopped using over 40 years ago.

I grew up in Northern California and joined the Army at 18, planning to serve for 3 years as an Military Policeman in order to gain experience that would help me get on my hometown Police Department. My plans changed when I was sent to Germany and fell in love with both the life of a soldier and the idea of travel which resulted in me spending the next 32 years serving in various capacities with the Military. I bought my first camera, a Nikkormat in the Mainz Kastel Post Exchange in the early 70’s and fell in love with photography. I was very fortunate to meet SFC Llewlyn “Mac” McTavish who took me under his wing and taught me about aperture, shutter speed and ASA (now ISO) as well as how to develop and print my photographs. I was excited to capture amazing photographs of all the castles, churches and other buildings that were older than the country I grew up in. The problem is my architectural and landscape photographs were mediocre at best. I continued to improve my technical skills in using the camera and became the go-to guy to photograph award ceremonies, promotions, and retirements. And because I was a Military Policeman, a K-9 Handler and eventually a Special Agent, I also became the choice for crime scenes and surveillance but my artistic attempts still lacked. On a later tour to Germany I was asked to photograph someone’s niece because they would not return to the United States in time for senior portraits. I told them I did not take photographs of people. When they found out how expensive it was to get pictures done by German photographers, they asked me again and this time I reluctantly agreed. The young lady was extremely pleasant and we had a lot of fun working together. Once I had developed the photographs I was not happy with how heavy the shadows were so I bought a reflector, then a flash and by the time I left Germany that time, I had studio lights, backgrounds and more. I also had ladies driving hours to have me take their pictures. Apparently I have a much better eye for the female form than I do for castles or churches.

Since that time I shoot primarily female models. I still try landscapes and architecture when I vacation, and they are slowly improving, but still not where I want. I shoot many different styles ranging from casual and lifestyle, to artistic nudes. I try to meet with models before I shoot with them and find out what they are interested in and bring some of that into the shoot.

Feel free to take a look at my work and leave a comment or to contact me with any questions not answered in the FAQ’s section. The FAQ’s section should answer most of your questions about what I shoot, how to set up a shoot with me, what you can expect if you shoot with me or what TFP and other photography terms mean.

If you made it this far, thanks for checking out my page.